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About us

About us

We’re a group of Commander players and/or TOs. We’re often names “the Committee” and are working on the subject since 2007, when the Duel variant of Commander (at the time names EDH) arose thanks to the input of a couple players who have been part or are still part of the Committee.

Amongst these players, there is Kevin Desprez, level 4 Magic judge, who has brought the format to France after having seen players playing EDH in the US. He has then been invited to join the Committee of http://mtgcommander.net (the website of the founders of the EDH format who are the reference for the multiplayer ban-list) et has been given freedom to create a group that would handle the Duel-variant ban-list. Kevin Desprez is no longer a member of the committee today.

Going from multiplayer to duel prove to require numerous adjustments (like the starting life totals or the way to mulligan) that were done thanks to infinite hours of playtesting, to which Benoît Verwaerde, restless player and deckbuilder, Claire Dupré, level 3 Magic judge, and Antoine Fruscio, TO in Lille, France, greatly contributed.
The latter is actually the one who raised the idea of a series of EDH tournaments, the first one being held in Lille end of 2007, when he deemed that the rules and ban-list were strong enough to allow organizing a tournament to be safe. The very first tournament has been a success and many followed, creating what is commonly called the Northern Commander League.

The Committee went on with:
– Periodically updating the ban-list along with the evolution of the format
– Promoting the format on message boards as well as irl
– Organized and helped others to organize EDH tournaments in France
The organization of an EDH Event during the Public Events of the French Nationals ’09 has greatly recognized these efforts.

In 2010, a new ambitious project started: Writing a rulebook for Duel-EDH. After several months of an intensive work from several members of the Committee, the Commander Rulebook (to reflect the fact the format changes name) is born. Amongst the most involved contributors, we can name Claire Dupré and Benoît Verwaerde, but many other judges contributed, especially to make sure the verbiage was coherent with the Magic rules, among which Daniel Kitachewsky, level 3 Magic judge and regular player.
A couple duel-specific rules were born at that time, among which returning to the Command Zone a shuffled-to-the-library Commander or the Duel-specific Legend Rule to handle the mirror-match of Commanders.

In 2011, considering the impressive growth in the number of Commander tournaments, we decide to create an even-more professional structure and to give TOs and players an easy-to-use resource. That’s how this website got created and the reason why we will announce our updates to the ban-list at the same time Wizards of the Coast does (March, June, September and December, 20th, effective the 1st of the following month)
The Committee nowadays aims at developing this website, making sure the format rules are still coherent and comprehensive and through updating the ban-list based on the way the format evolves (metagame, tournament results, new releases) and eventually through publishing articles, tournament reports and decklists.

To achieve these goals, it seems mandatory to clarify that the Committee isn’t locked in, and aims at gathering members from various horizons:
Indeed, we’re not made of a fixed number of members. Many individuals have joined and left through the ages. Some left forever, others temporarily as they could find some time again. If the Committee doesn’t actively recruit, he has always made a point of contacting individuals who showed great and relevant implication into the format, outside of the existence of the Committee. This means we contact players involved in the format to join, but that we don’t contact players to join so that they get involved.

This is how several people joined the Committee:
– Olivier Arnold, tournament organizer and competitive player.
– “Moondust”, competitive player active on the internet.
– Emmanuel Bernuau, level 2 judge and competitive player.

Then, the Committee is geographically spread, since its members have always been spread in 4 French major cities, not mentioning the frequent travels by their members. Of course, the Committee is right now 100% French, but opening to the international for a more global approach is something we have in mind.
Finally, the Committee is eager on general information on the format. Primarily, we pay great attention to tournament results and read as many boards as we can, including English ones. To a lesser extent, we gather personal opinions from anywhere, in order to try to have the most global possible vision to allow the best possible play experience for Commander players. To that extent, we’d be very happy to gather data about the format, such as Commander Breakdown, Standings (mentioning Commanders) and, why not, top8 decklists, at: contact@duelcommander.com.
Additionally, we want to be as flexible as possible and do not believe that any of our choices are forever. Depending on the context, a banned card can become unbanned.

Before concluding, we would like to draw your attention on one thing: What’s important isn’t who we are nor what we do but why we do it. We have spent and still spend time doing this because we would like to promote a format (the Duel variant) we contributed to create and develop and to allow the worldwide thousands of adepts to play with common rules.
This is the primary motivation for the creation and involvement of this group who’s doing his best to make this increasing format as best as possible!

The DuelCommander.com Team
– “Moondust”
– “zgana”