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March 20th banlist update !

By The Duel Commander rules committee

Hi all Duel Commander players ! Today, March 20th, is the banlist update day ! Don’t forget to check on for the updates for DCI-sanctionned formats. Here we will give you the updates for the Commander format played in one versus one.

Let’s say it : today is a major day of unbanning. Being conscious that the Duel Commander format is clearly faster than the multiplayer one, we decided to unban most of the cards that were banned only because they belonged to the multiplayer banlist.

Be sure to check this new banlist update to see what new cards you can reintroduce in your decks. Some are fun, like Sway of the Stars or Coalition Victory, others are powerful tools like Metalworker, and some like Upheaval may have a great potential.

Enjoy !

– The team