About the November update

By The Duel Commander rules committee

Hello everyone,

We have carefully followed your reactions on the Commander boards after our announcement on September, 16th. We could not miss many of you were worried and had questions about the potential announcement we could make right before the release of the new Commander packs, due in November. Therefore, so as to allow all players to anticipate the autumn/winter season with serenity and to better prepare the two big incoming events (Bazaar of Moxen and the Commander French Cup), we would like to make it clear that:

  • We will not ban any cards that are not printed in these new packs.
  • We will not ban any commander (Prossh).
  • We simply want to be able to perform one/several bans if the new Commander packs were to contain one/several cards we deem too powerful because they are without a doubt very similar to some we have already banned. We especially have in mind the strong mana accelerators with too small drawbacks (such as Sol Ring or Ancient Tomb), or unbalanced cards (such as Ancestral Recall or Time Walk).

Please be certain we do not wish to ban anything, but we also can’t afford to see the two major events of the end of this year damaged by this release.

We really hope this message will allow you to focus on testing your decks rather than worrying whether your deck will be legal.


The Committee