Changes within the committee

By The Duel Commander rules committee

The sad news has spread on the forums. Since we don’t want to leave questions unanswered and to let rumors evolve into something very different from reality, here’s what happened.

Olivier’s activity in the committee had been valuable over the two years he spent with us. In the last few months, his activity has been dwindling and almost reduced to the point where he participated only for a few days before each banlist publishing. When questioned about it, his reaction was mostly hostile. Olivier started participating again, but without taking into account recent discussions (which Olivier had access to) and wished to backpedal on some decisions. This backpedaling would have been against all the work and thinking done by the other members. It would also have been against our policy of being as consistent and transparent as we can, even if this is not easy. Worse, it would have been against some recent public announcements made by the committee, thus penalizing players preparing the biggest events of the year, namely Bazaar of Moxen and the French Cup.

When this was pointed out to Olivier he wasn’t willing to make any concessions, in defiance of other members’ opinions and work. This led to disagreements and tensions such that it soon appeared that the committee couldn’t continue to function in an atmosphere of trust. The decision was thus taken not to maintain Olivier in the committee.

Aside from this, we’re reading lots of worried posts on forums about the small number of members in the committee (4 as of today). Some of you consider this number to be too small. We will clarify this in the October 28 announcement, but be assured that the committee functioning is currently undergoing some changes in order to better serve the format.