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Dragons Of Tarkir banlist update

By The Duel Commander rules committee

The format keeps growing, thanks to players’ involvement and thanks to new sets being released, especially the ones that are dedicated to Commander. Choices among new legendary creatures with a strong identity allow players to play a wide range of efficient strategies. We would like to promote such a diversity as much as possible. Having considered the current context, we do think players need a maximum number of possibilities to properly explore the current metagame. Nevertheless, we still have to restrict the overly fast pace of some unbalanced strategies.

These changes take effect on March 23rd, 2015.
More explanations can be found HERE.

Your feedback is welcome, as usual. While we read most of the forums out there, the best way to make yourself heard is by writing us HERE.

The next announcement is expected to be on July 13th, 2015.


The Duel Commander rules committee.