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By The Duel Commander rules committee

Dear players of Commander,

I’m Pierre-Jean. For the ones who doesn’t know me, I organize, with Mimicherie whom you know doubtless better, the Demonic Tournament Commander, the biggest Commander event around the World. The reason why I organize this tournament since few years is beacause I really love this format, and I love too the player’s community. So I have a few things to say.
1/ my point of view about Commander
2/ Leviathan Commander
3/ What about the next DTC
1/ As you know, Dual Commander is now played with 20HP instead of 30. It divide the Community between players who are pleased about this decision or just follow it, and players who prefer stay with 30HP because they are used to play in this way for years. Firstly, I want to clarify a point which will avoid misanderstanding for the rest of my announcement. I’m not either for or against each of these formats. I think that each of them have reasons to exist, and I think each side is stupid when it fight against the other format. Let’s your neighbor plays what he want. So what I call for is the coexistence of the 2 formats.
I also think that players do make a format to live. Dualcommander’s players officially use the 20HP rule. Does it mean that other players have to play 30HP “illegally”, as a secret guild who make dark rituals? I don’t think so. They Made a choice. The choice of playing what they like. But to make a choice, its necessary to have the choice.
2/ To allow the players to make this choice, to get out of “clandestinity” and then to play 30HP without shame, a group of Italians are building a new Commitee which manage a new format : the Leviathan Commander. To be quick, It’s exactly the DualCommander you have known, with 30HP, with a quite similar banlist. I’m personnaly engaged with them to help them with the launching of this “new” format. My work will be to survey that decisions are taken for the greater good. One more time for illiterate people : I’m not working against the French Comitee or against the 20HP format. Just, I’m working for what I think to be the greater good, in this case, having a choice.
So if you are a 30HP player, I’m proud to inform you that you are now playing on Leviathan Commander. I suggest you to visit this page for more informations. Obviously, you can visit it just for curiosity, even if you prefer 20HP.
3/ So, what about the upcoming DTC ? Surprise everybody : the DTC will take place on 29th, 30th of April and 1st of May. Both formats will be played.Sundays and First of May are often off days in major countries. There will be a Main Event in Leviathan Commander and a Side Event in Dual Commander, and the inverse the other day. On Saturday, we will propose you Trials in both formats for the Main events of the week-end and for Side events too.
We still encourage shops and associations to organize trials, in the format of their choice. For us, organizing a such an event while letting people free to choose is quite a challenge, also quite a risk, but we are ready to take up challenges to ensure stability of our community.



Demonic Tournament Commander #6 03/13

By Tournament announcement

The “Demonic Tournament Commander” tents to beat its own world record established during its last edition of june (181 players). Come to help us by participating in this 6th edition there or support by looking us at the live video coverage !

    Main event :

Format : Duel Commander.
French rules and french ban-list :

    Date :

Main-event : March 13, 2016
Format : Duel Commander
Registration : 08:00 – 08:45
Start : 09:00

Last Chance Trial : March 12, 2016
Format : Duel Commander
Registration : 09:00 – 09:45
Start : 10:00
Swiss tournament and top 8 for single elimination

    Venue :

MJC ROUEN rive gauche, place des Faïenciers, ROUEN, NORMANDIE, FRANCE.

Keep in mind the Demonic Tournament Commander will be capped at 200 players so as to welcome you comfortably.

    Main event registration :

Entry Fee : 15€ check or cash, 16.50€ online, 20€ on site or online on saturday, 25€ on site on sunday morning.

Online registration. Register before Friday, March 11th 2016.

Check registration :
Payment by check payable to order of “IDCARTES” at this adress :
Association IDCartes, BL07, maison des association, 11 avenue pasteur, 76000 ROUEN, FRANCE.

Thank you don’t forget to specify your LAST NAME/FIRST NAME/DCI NUMBER
Please note that check registration is possible if the letter arrived before Friday March 12.

Cash registration :
Payment by cash at this adresse :
QG des Avenjoueurs, 18 rue des fossés Louis VIII, ROUEN
Tuesday – Saturday 12:00 – 00:00

Please note that all registrations are non-modifiable and non-refundable.

Last Chance trial registration :
10€ check ou cash on site saturday morning.
Prizes based on the number of players.

    Prizes :

Last Chance Trial winner and players in TOP8 earns also a DTC’s Playmat.

Main event prizes :
1st – German Underground Sea, Limited edition black border
2nd – French Volcanic Island, Limited edition black vorder
3-4 – Polluted Delta, Expedition Battle for Zendikar
5-8 – Gaea’s Cradle, Urza’s Saga

Players with X-2 : 20€ voucher for « card painters » or for the shop on site.
For all others : a random card of commander from 1 to 15€ and a deckbox and goodies at random.

    Useful info :

A catering will serve you all 2 days long.
A shop will be present all Sunday long : Biverboat.

A live video coverage with comments in English will be realized during the Swiss rounds and the TOP8 by Tolski of !

A photo coverage will be realized during all the tournament in our Facebook : Demonic Tournament Commander – EDH à ROUEN and our Twitter : @IDCartes

More informations in our forum.
Or send me an e-mail

    Parking and hotels near the room :

The biggest parking lots near the room is that of Mall Saint-Sever, at 5 minutes’ walk to the room. This parking lots is free on sunday.

The Underground connects you directly from Rouen’s train station. Get off at “Saint-Sever” (Direction “Georges Braque” or “Technopole”) and the room is in front of you after passing under the arc.

The nearest hotel is this one :
Ibis Hotel Rouen centre ville rive gauche
44 rue Amiral Cecille
76100 ROUEN