Magic Origins banlist update

By The Duel Commander rules committee


Over the last three months, Duel Commander events have been more numerous and more populated. The player activity on all media was also very intensive. Such dynamics are very positive for the format and we hope that it will keep on going.

Apart from Mystical Tutor, we are currently keeping a strong eye on several other cards. In order to bring you the most and clearer information we can, we created a public “watchlist”, that is divided into two categories, in which you’ll find all the cards that we think endanger the format stability. The Red List will be made of cards which ban is to be soon or very probable, and the Orange List will be made of less dangerous cards, still within acceptable bounds.

The command zone rule has been modified. A commander will now be able to be put back to the Command Zone instead of going to its owner’s hand. This recent rules change has been added to multiplayer Commander recently. We chose to also have it apply to Duel Commander. This rule (named “Tuck Rule”) becomes now:

Tuck rule :
The commander can now be put back to the command zone any time it should go the the graveyard, to exile, to the library, or in its owner’s hand.

These changes take effect on July 17th, 2015

Your feedback is welcome, as usual. While we read most of the forums out there, the best way to make yourself heard is by writing us HERE.

The next announcement is expected to be on September 28th, 2015.


The Duel Commander rules committee.

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